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Health, in the palm of your hand

Enhance your life and unleash your potential with our app-based, online health and fitness programs


All the tools you need to get the results you're capable of

Our mobile app's user-friendly interface, powerful tools, and inclusive features were designed to optimize success while following an online health program with LEAP. Plus, the example videos, step-by-step exercise instructions, coaching resources, and data tracking capabilities ensure proper performance, progressions and consistency. (Note: App for iOS/Apple only)


Your All-in-one Health Solution


Imagine what you could accomplish

Our specialized, customizable programs delivered through our sophisticated iOS mobile app allow you accomplish

Online Access

Don't let your geographical location jeopardize your health. Your program can accompany you anywhere you go.

Targeted Results

Each program is expertly designed to address a certain health goal. From losing weight, to managing pain, to enhancing performance; we got you covered. 

Coaching Available

You control the level of coaching/support you receive. Start a "do it yourself" program or work 1-on-1 with a doctoral-level coach.

Save Money

In-person sessions with a trainer or coach can be pricey! Go online with LEAP for more comprehensive service at just a fraction of the cost

How it Works

Getting started with a LEAP Health online program is simple and easy

Purchase & Register

After you're purchase, you'll fill out an online registration form

Get an Email

Once enrolled in the program, we'll walk you through exactly how to get started

Download & Go

Download the iOS app and get after it

"I was motivated to get into better shape, but I really didn't know "what to do", especially in the gym. The program has been amazing. It taught me what I should be doing from a diet standpoint and I love the workouts!"

Melissa H
Nurse & Wife

Online Programs

Pick from our diverse range of programs to meet your specific needs

Program Levels

For all of our programs, we off multiple assistance and pricing levels to meet every preference, goal and budget




For those who like to "do it yourself"

Access to our iOS mobile app

Expert-crafted workouts targeted towards specific goals 

Video examples & instructions 

Access to months of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching resources, documents & videos

Healthy recipe guides containing 100+ recipes of nutritious food with calories and portions labeled

Body progress and meal tracking photo tools within the app

In-app habit and results tracking tools

Access to our private Facebook group of doctors, therapists, and coaches for support and questions

Email support for technical/app questions



$149 one-time, then $49/mo


Everything in the "BASIC" plan included

Get assigned a doctoral-level coach for 1-on-1 support and guidance

An onboarding call/email/video chat (your choice) with your coach at the beginning of your program for strategic planning and workout customizations

A 1-month "check-in" call/email/video chat for updates, progressions, support and questions

Detailed meal plans based on your health goals & caloric needs 

Email/text support for program-specific and other health-related questions





Everything in the "BASIC" & "PLUS" plans included

Fully customized programs to match your exact needs

Unlimited updates and adjustments to your workouts, meal plan and coaching strategy

Hand-select your doctoral-level coach to work with

Calls/video chats once a week (or less if you'd like) and unlimited emails with your coach for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle updates & support

Fully personalized nutrition strategy and meal plans

Technique/form assessment and correction through in-app video messaging

24/7 priority call, text or email support


"My online program has been an absolute game-changer. With my work schedule, there was no way I could see a trainer or coach in person, so this was perfect for me. I feel like I have my own personal fitness specialist in my pocket. This is the real deal."

Nick K.
Finance Professional

Experience the LEAP Difference

"Health is multi-factorial; it's never just your diet, just your exercise routine, or just your lifestyle habits. LEAP Health was founded around the premise that lifelong health requires a comprehensive, sustainable approach that empowers each individual to live up to their highest potential."

- Dr. Jeffrey Cremonte
President, LEAP Health


Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Pick the program that closest suits your needs/interest and make sure to sign up for a PLUS or PREMIUM plan.

Once enrolled, you can meet/chat with a coach to make workout and meal plan customizations.

Depends. It's all a matter of preference and what you want to get out of your programming.

BASIC: Best for those who prefer to "do it yourself". Those who have success while on a BASIC level program are self-motivated, accountable and utilize our in-app coaching materials, workout routines, and  as a launching pad for long-term success.

PLUS: Best for those who have  more specialized goals/needs and want some initial customizations to start their program with. They will also get access to additional resources and coaching support. Those who have success while on a PLUS level program are eager to learn more detailed information and are dedicated to following through with coaching suggestions, yet still prefer to do most things on their own.

PREMIUM: Best for those who are ready for a total lifestyle change. Those who are successful while on a PREMIUM program are 100% committed to the comprehensive process of improving their health,. They follow exact coaching instructions, are dedicated to fine-tuning their efforts to maximize results, and are in constant contact with their LEAP Health coach.

Yes! Try our app and our online health programs risk-free. If you don't love it, just cancel your subscription within 3 days after joining and you'll get a full refund.

Never. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your programs at any time.

Of course. Please CONTACT US or call/text us during normal business hours at (616) 227-0812

We're happy to answer any questions you may have, or help you determine if partnering with LEAP Health will be the best decision for your unique circumstance.

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