Modernizing how you get and stay healthy

LEAP Health is an online platform and coaching service that specializes in fitness, performance and health enhancement. 

Our team of Doctor of Physical Therapy providers understand the comprehensive approach and modernized services that are needed for our clients to achieve and maintain incredible health goals.

Modern health problems require modern health solutions. For too long, the health and fitness industries have ignored the needs of those in today's busy, digitally-focused world.

We proudly use our sophisticated mobile platform to deliver high-quality, targeted health programs that include detailed guidance and education regarding exercise, nutrition and lifestyle habits.

Because of the doctoral-level education and training of our team, we've found a niche in servicing those with unique health considerations or specialized fitness goals. Individuals who are aging, have past injuries, are overweight, have a chronic condition, are developing teenagers, etc. Individuals in these groups are often under-served and forgotten by traditional health and fitness services.

Due to this, LEAP Health is able to partner with clinics, practitioners and other healthcare providers to bridge the gap between medical care and fitness/wellness services for patients that fall into these groups. For example, LEAP Health has become a beneficial piece of the continuum of care for those after they discharge from physical therapy or in-between check-ups with a physician. 

Health should be managed proactively, not reactively. Medical experts understand this, but they don't always have the time, resources or expertise to help those they care for in a proactive fashion. Luckily, LEAP Health does.

This is why what we do is so powerful. LEAP Health is a trusted service provider that helps good people regain control of their health conveniently, effectively and sustainably. 

Take the LEAP. Enroll in a program, become a member and begin your health journey!

This is what we do.



LEAP Health was founded in 2019 by Jeffrey Cremonte, DPT, PT, CSCS. He now serves as LEAP Health's president and chief clinician. Dr. Cremonte is a graduate of Duke University School of Medicine's Doctor of Physical Therapy program. LEAP Health is headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan, but serves members globally.

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At LEAP Health, we focus on the individuality of each member we work with. In a world of quick fixes and cookie-cutter solutions, we take great pride in working closely with our clients to create a personalized health program that will get them moving, feeling, looking and living the way they want.

Our Innovative L.E.A.P. Approach

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Our online programs and services focus on education, scientific principles and facts that lead to long-term results. We strive to not only be providers of effective programming, but also movement advisors, health educators and preventative medicine consultants.

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Exercise is key to attaining any physical health goal. Whether someone is a competitive athlete or an aging adult who is trying to maintain their independence, the targeted workouts within our online health programs will guide them towards becoming fitter, stronger and healthier.

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To achieve optimal health, one must be willing to adapt. Adaptation of one's nutrition, activity and lifestyle habits will have a massive impact on how they're able to improve and maintain their health over time. Adaptation allows for growth!


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We understand that at the root of every health & fitness goal is the desire to perform better. We work to improve and maintain your physical health so you can keep performing all the activities that you love— on the field, at the trail or around the house. 

Let's begin.