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I understand that this program does not contain medical advice and I will consult with my physician before beginning any new activity or nutrition program. I understand that if I was referred to this program by a business, professional or persons that I am under no obligation to purchase this program as a result of their recommendation and that they may receive compensation. I understand that I may cancel my program at any point, but I will not be refunded for current or past months payments, which includes this initial payment. If I notify LEAP Health of cancellation within 3 days after purchase, I am entitled to a full refund. I am aware that my payment method will be billed the listed amount every month, until LEAP Health receives a cancellation request from me. By purchasing this program and I am agreeing to LEAP Health's Terms of Use

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What do you get?

With a PREMIUM program you get all the BASIC program features...

  • 5-day free trail
    • Just contact us anytime within the first 5 days after joining and get a full refund
  • No risk, cancel anytime
    • Never locked-in to a membership
    • Cancel within the first three days after purchase and get a full refund
  • Access to our mobile app and online program

    • iSO mobile app
    • Can also access on desktop/mobile web browser 
  • 50+ home-based workouts

    • 45-60 min workouts
    • Follow along at your own pace
    • Made to be performed at home with just household weights or dumbbells
    • Can always be customized to your exact equipment/fitness needs with an upgrade to a PLUS or PREMIUM level plan.
  • Video examples & instructions in the app

    • High-quality videos and detailed performance instructions with each exercise
  • Exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle tips, guidance and resources
    • PDFs resources, infographics and coaching tips from the doctoral-level team at LEAP Health
    • We invest in teaching you, not just "telling" you
  • Recipe Guides
    • 100+ whole-food recipes with serving size and calories already counted
  • Consistency and progress tracking tools built into the app

    • Scheduling tool, data/results tracking charts, food/nutrition log and progress photo capturing
  • Access to our private Facebook group of doctors and coaches for support and questions

    • Our amazing community of other LEAP Health members and health professionals are here to help 

And, you get all the upgraded PREMIUM perks...

  • Get a doctoral-level coach for 1-on-1 services
    • One of our expert coaches will guide you through the program and make sure your program has been customized for you

  • Onboarding call/video chat with your coach for strategic planning, customizations and questions
    •  You will discuss your unique wants/needs and your coach will create customize your workouts and education plan accordingly

  • Nutrition strategy and meal plans
    • Diet is critically important when it come to your health. Not only will we give you tips and education, but we will also provide meal plans tailored to your needs and goals.
  • Fully customized workouts and programs to match your specific needs
    • Unlimited updates/adjustments
    • Built around your interest, goals and health requirements

  • Weekly "check-in" calls or messages for updates, questions and support
    • Each week, your coach will find a time to chat with you (or text/email if you prefer) to make workout or nutrition updates, talk strategy, answer specific questions. 

  • Fully personalized nutrition and meal plans
    • We will get to know your nutritional tendencies, struggles and preferences then work with you to design a custom weight loss diet

  • Technique/form assessment through in-app video messaging
    • Especially if you are experiencing pain or want to avoid injury, have your coach assess your technique is critical!
  • 24/7 call/text/email support for anything you need
    • Don't understand something? Have questions regarding your health, the program or an exercise? You will enjoy premium priority access to us so we can help throughout your program!


Cost Analysis

Is enrolling in a Plus LEAP Health program a financially responsible move?

Traditional specialty fitness/rehab services:

  • Cost: $800+ per month 
  • 1-2 sessions a week, around the trainer's/coach's schedule
  • They do more telling, less teaching
  • Business incentive to keep you coming back for more sessions
  • Must take time, money and effort to drive to them
  • No app, online support or educational resources
  • Fitness trainers have online certifications, little regulation and maybe no higher education
  • Can only talk to trainer/coach during appointments/sessions
  • Usually locked-in to multiple appointments/sessions

LEAP Online PREMIUM Program:

  • Cost: $249 per month
  • We can build as many workouts as you'd like, in addition to the 50+ primary home-based workouts
  • Focus on education, teaching, and long-term success
  • Easy-to-use app, online support & resources, supportive community
  • At any point, you may downgrade to a cheaper program level
  • Programs designed by coaches who have 7-years of formal baccalaureate and doctoral-level education, plus years of on-the-job experience
  • 24/7 access to your coach or the LEAP team for anything you need
  • No risk, cancel anytime
  • Free trial


Take it from our happy, healthy program members:

Here's what they are saying...

“I decided to go with a Premium-level program because I was serious about getting in shape and didn't want to waste my time. When I broke it down, it was a no-brainer; more convenient, better value and I get a more doctor as a coach. Not to mention I could do everything on my own time which is essential for me (I work 11-12 hour days M-F). I'm so thankful for the LEAP team and Dr. Cremonte for what they were able to do for me. ”

Nick K