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I understand that I may contact LEAP Health within 72 hours after purchase for a FULL REFUND. I understand that after 72 hours (3 days) I may cancel my program at any point, but I will not be refunded for current or past months payments. I understand that this program does NOT contain medical advice and I will consult with my physician before beginning any new activity or nutrition program. I understand that if I was referred to this program by a business, professional or persons that I am under no obligation to purchase this program as a result of their recommendation and that they may receive compensation. By purchasing this program and I am agreeing to LEAP Health's Terms of Use

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WeightSmart: BASIC

What do you get?

  • Free trial, no risk, cancel anytime
    • Contact us within 3 days after purchase for a FULL REFUND
    • After 3 days, cancel anytime and stop payments for future months.
  • Access to our mobile app

    • iOS mobile app for iPhone/Apple users
    • Google Play app for Android users
    • Links to download apps will be emailed to you after purchase
  • 12 weeks of specially-crafted workouts, plus 50+ other targeted workouts for the future

    • 30-60 min workouts
    • Follow along at your own pace
    • Made to be performed at a gym facility or at home
    • Designed to give you a well-rounded program to optimize benefit and sustainability
    • Weight-loss, strength, cardio, mobility, injury prevention
  • Video examples & instructions in the app

    • High-quality video and detailed performance instructions with each exercise
  • 100+ documents, videos and other coaching materials 
    • Nutrition, lifestyle, behavior change, exercise science, longevity & more
    • Systematically shared with you along the program so you're not overwhelmed 
    • We invest in teaching you, not just "telling" you
  • Access to our private, members-only Facebook group of other members, doctors and coaches for support and questions

    • Our amazing community of members and professionals are here to help 
  • Consistency and progress tracking tools built into the app

    • Scheduling tool, data/results tracking charts, food/nutrition log and photo capturing
  • Email support for technical questions

    • Don't understand something? We are always here to help throughout your program

  • Freedom to get healthier, feel better and lose weight WHEN and WHERE you want!


Investment Analysis

Is enrolling in a Basic LEAP Health program a financially responsible move?

Traditional in-person services from others:

  • Cost: $500+ per month
  • 1-2 sessions a week, around the trainer's/coach's schedule
  • They do more telling, less teaching
  • Business incentive to keep you coming back for more sessions
  • Must take time, money and effort to drive to them
  • No app or online support
  • Fitness trainers have online certifications, little regulation and maybe no higher education
  • Usually locked-in to multiple appointments/sessions

LEAP Online Program:

  • Cost: $49 to start, then just $19 per month
  • Workout wherever and whenever you want
  • Focus on education and teaching
  • Easy-to-use app, online support, supportive community
  • Programs designed by coaches who have 7-years of formal baccalaureate and doctoral-level education, plus years of on-the-job experience
  • Have questions on how to use the app or navigate the program? Email us anytime
  • Free trial, no risk, cancel anytime


Take it from our happy, healthy program members:

Here's what else they are saying...

“The 'Basic' level plan has been wonderful for me. I chose it because I wasn't quite ready to work with a coach; I just wanted some direction with my exercise routine. Goodness, did I get my money's worth! The workouts are so thoughtful and they work on everything; arms, legs, muscles I never knew I had!”

Rosemary D.

“I am a teacher. My schedule is busy. I started to put on weight because of stress and just not taking care of myself. I wanted to get healthier, but didn't really know where to start. LEAP's online program has been so good to have. In just my first month of the program, I learned more about how to lose weight and keep it off than I ever could have imagined. Already down 12 lbs and more to go. I am a lifelong customer. Thanks, guys.”

Rye D.

“To be honest, I was hesitant to get started. Before signing up, I emailed LEAP to ask some questions about the program. I was somewhat concerned because their program looked different than other things I tried and I wasn't sure it would work for me. I eventually signed up and I couldn't be happier! Be prepared to read and watch videos. Working out is only a small part of the program. It's similar to Noom (which I did with moderate success), but way better in terms of the exercise part of it. Lots of habit and info about eating too. Would recommend!”

Alyson M.