We offer multiple program levels; each with varying amounts of resources, support, and cost.
This allows us to meet every preference, goal and budget.

Program Levels

BASIC | on sale


Cancel Anytime

Usually $49/mo

  • For those who like to "do it yourself"
  • Access to our iOS mobile app
  • Expert-crafted workouts targeted towards specific goals 
  • Video examples & instructions 
  • Access to months of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching resources, documents & videos
  • Healthy recipe guides containing 100+ recipes of nutritious food with calories and portions labeled
  • Body progress and meal tracking photo tools within the app
  • In-app habit and results tracking tools
  • Access to our private Facebook group of doctors, therapists, and coaches for support and questions
  • Email support for technical/app questions

PLUS | on sale

$19/mo, plus $149 one-time

Cancel Anytime

Usually $49/mo

  • Everything in the "BASIC" plan included
  • Get assigned a doctoral-level coach for 1-on-1 support and guidance
  • An onboarding call/email/video chat (your choice) with your coach at the beginning of your program for strategic planning and workout customizations
  • A 1-month "check-in" call/email/video chat for updates, progressions, support and questions
  • Detailed meal plans based on your health goals & caloric needs 
  • Email/text support for program-specific and other health-related questions



Cancel Anytime

  • Everything in the "BASIC" & "PLUS" plans included
  • Fully customized programs to match your exact needs
  • Unlimited updates and adjustments to your workouts, meal plan and coaching strategy
  • Hand-select your doctoral-level coach to work with
  • Calls/video chats once a week (or less if you'd like) and unlimited emails with your coach for exercise, nutrition and lifestyle updates & support
  • Fully personalized nutrition strategy and meal plans
  • Technique/form assessment and correction through in-app video messaging
  • 24/7 priority call, text or email support

Our 'BASIC' and 'PLUS' level programs usually retail for $49/mo; however, due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we are offering it for 60% off ($19/mo) to help those isolated at home. 

Cost Analysis 

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LEAP Health

As low as $19/month

For less than the cost of a night out at dinner, you can get an entire month's worth of expertly-crafted workouts, 100+ healthy recipes, and dozens-of-hours worth of coaching resources. Getting healthier on your schedule; when and where you want. Not to mention, there is no risk. You can cancel anytime!

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Traditional Services


The cost of co-pays, or in-person sessions with a less-qualified trainer/coach will add up quickly. They control when/where services are performed, and you're often locked-in to long-term session packages. Not to mention the additional money, time and inconvenience associated with the transportation to/from in-person sessions.

Choosing an online program with LEAP Health is not only financially responsible, but it also maximizes convenience while reducing dependency.


How it Works

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Purchase & Register

After your purchase, you'll fill out an online registration form

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Get an Email

You'll get an email with instructions on how to access your program

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Download & Go

Download the iOS app and start achieving your goals

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"My online program has been an absolute game-changer. With my work schedule, there was no way I could see a trainer or coach in person, so this was perfect for me. I feel like I have my own personal fitness specialist in my pocket. This is the real deal."

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"I started the my program thinking it was just a workout app, but it's so much more! I've learned a ton through the learning documents and I use the meal tracking and progress photo log on a regular basis."

Frequently Asked Questions 

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