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Our SuperTeen program is a 19-week comprehensive health & fitness program that is expertly-crafted to teach teens how to eat well, get fit and develop good health habits into adulthood.

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Health as a teenager can be complicated. We make it easy.

Education. Workouts. Recipes. Nutrition planning. Exercise coaching. Lifestyle checklists. Tracking tools. Doctoral-level guidance. 

This is more than just a workout program— it's a comprehensive health education and lifestyle enhancement program. 

And the best part? Everything is delivered through our mobile app which makes getting the results you're capable of easier and more straight-forward than ever before.

Program Details

Click the tabs below to learn more about what is included in the SuperTeen program.

Sophisticated mobile app with an easy-to-use interface.

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Strategic scheduling of tasks and a planned outline of workouts.

Targeted workouts to get you the results you want.

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Performance tracking, detailed instructions and video examples.

In-app coaching material to build your knowledge-base and guide your efforts.

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Useful in-app tools to keep you on track and your coach informed.

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What makes this program different?

With so many health and fitness apps and services out there, what makes us special? Well, in addition to our  sophisticated app, convenient mobile services and comprehensive programming, here are a few other aspects that makes LEAP Health the best partner for you:

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Designed by Doctors

Our programs were designed by trusted Doctor of Physical Therapy professionals who specialize in fitness and preventative medicine.

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Customization & Personalized Service

LEAP offers complete workout, meal plan and habit coaching customization to meet your personal wants, needs and interests.

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Long-term Strategy

Unlike other online services, our programs are strategically focused on sustained long-term success, not gimmicky quick-fixes.


Let's Get Started

Enroll in our BASIC-level program and then have the option to upgrade anytime if you ever want 1-on-1 coaching from a doctoral-level LEAP Health provider.


$49, then $19/mo

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3-day free trial period with 100% money-back guarantee. Cancel anytime, no risk.

  • Access to our all-in-one iOS or Android/Google mobile app

  • 19-week workout program with an additional 100+ expert-crafted workouts for mobility, injury prevention & home-based exercise sessions

  • Video examples and detailed instructions for all exercises

  • Months of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle coaching resources, health checklists, education documents and self-improvement videos

  • Healthy recipe guides containing 100+ recipes of nutritious food with calories and portions labeled

  • Performance and measurement tracking logs and charts

  • In-app tools and features such as habit check-ins, meal tracking photo journal and progress photo log.

  • Access to our private Facebook group of doctors, therapists, and coaches for support and questions

  • Email support for technical/app questions

  • In-app upgrading to a PREMIUM-level membership is available.  This will allow you to work 1-on-1 with a LEAP Health coach for customized programming and support. It is optional and costs an additional $499 one-time + $299/month thereafter.

Why go online with LEAP Health?

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Access Anywhere

Don't let your geographical location jeopardize your health. This program can accompany you anywhere you go.

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On your Schedule

Get healthier on your schedule, not someone else's. We give guidelines, but plan your workouts anytime you're feeling up for them.

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Save Money

In-person sessions with a trainer or coach can be pricey! Go online with LEAP for more comprehensive service at just a fraction of the cost.

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In your Hands

Get valuable tips, strategic guidance and expert instruction from a doctoral-level coach delivered right to your phone.

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"Very nice program that made me feel welcome. It is super in-depth and it has way more then just workouts. There are meal plans, information about the body, and so much more. I got great a response from the people and overall loved the program. Great work guys!"

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"As a fellow fitness professional myself and as a mother of two, I would absolutely recommend the SuperTeen program to any motivated teenager that wants to learn from the best and change the trajectory of their health the right way"

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$49, then $19/mo

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